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NRECA Purchases New Software for Outage Reliability Solutions

“National Rural Electric Cooperative Association NRECA Purchase PwrMetrix for Outage Reliability Solutions




“PwrMetrix is an excellent resource for outage analytics and reporting on your electric distribution system!  After years of Excel spreadsheet after spreadsheet, PwrMetrix combines all reporting functionality you could possibly need in one tool.  The Worst Feeders Report, Outage Cause Reports, Major Event Day calculations, and Benchmarking tools aid Engineering and help guide system planning to obtain real world cost savings.  AND, their support group is superb, and extremely knowledgeable of power system analytics!!”

  --Jeff Coleman, P.E. 

Manager, Engineering and Automation


PwrMetrix key benefits

Significantly reduce the amount of labor time spent to analyze outages, compile advance analysis, prepare reports, set target metrics, and compare company to nationwide benchmarking results

Out-of-the Box value minimizes user training time, thereby significantly decreasing the cost of implementation

Improve interaction and communication with public utility commissions/regulators, news media, customers and utility personnel

Provide prompt and effective management decisions


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